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Infused Reiki Products and Benefits

 What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique utilizing energy for stress reduction and relaxation while promoting physical and mental healing. Reiki has been used for over thousands of years, however, it's popularity and techniques have gained more attention over the last 100 years with the teachings of Mikao Usui and his descending students.

Forms of energy healing have always been fascinating for me, but over the last two years, I inadvertently put it to the test. I wasn't looking for physical healing, but more for an inner insight to my path and goals. The side-effects of utilizing higher frequencies of energy became more apparent and eventually led me to becoming a certified Reiki practitioner.

Energy Within Ourselves

The best way for me to explain our natural given energy and how to use it is through a simple visualization. Think of our thoughts as a destination (intention) and our emotions (frequency) as the means to get you to that destination.

Higher frequency or elevated emotions, such as ecstasy, bliss, joy, happiness, and contentment move us forward like clean energy moving a train toward a destination of self awareness and well-being. Meanwhile, lower frequency emotions such as depression, regret, worry and sadness run on unfiltered polluted energy to a destination of self-doubt and chronic illness.

When it comes down to it, our thoughts and emotions create the energy we put out and what we draw to ourselves. This energy creates our personality, how we view ourselves, and how we deal with every day life and stress.

There are many ways to help move your energy to higher frequencies of health and less stress. Eating the right foods, exercising, paying attention to your inner dialogue, following your passion and even receiving high frequency energy from an object or through a person can increase this energy.

Why Receiving Reiki Can be Beneficial

It's important to know that anyone can work with their own energy. We do not need a Reiki specialist to conjure these energies to our benefit. It's a trait that all humans have and can utilize at any time and anywhere.

In fact, I often advise to use my non-infused Reiki products as a reminder to exercise your high vibe thoughts. Any time you wash your hands, take a shower, bathe or smooth on Bubbling Buddha body butter, think of thoughts that conjure feelings of gratitude. Raising these energy frequencies can often bring you to higher states of consciences.

Then why should I take advantage of Reiki if I can do it on my own, you ask? This is a good question!

When I decided to tip my thoughts and emotions to a life of well-being, many amazing things started to cross my path, including Mary, a Reiki Master. She was staring to practice Bio Field Tuning and needed clients to finish her hours to obtain a Bio Field certification. I did one Bio Field Tuning and two Reiki sessions with Mary. After each session, it was like all the work that I was doing with energy started to accelerate.

I always felt very confident with myself, but after my Tuning and Reiki sessions I started to realize there were many things within that I still had to work on. Once I started to work on those things, WOW! Life started to synchronize in profound ways.

Things that I've always wanted would find their way to me effortlessly, amazing people with like minds and information would appear, and most importantly, I was starting to realize my true self and purpose emerge.  I started trusting my intuition more rather than outside opinions.

My Experience With Reiki

After understanding the benefits of Reiki, I started to study and practice modes of energy work that would send me into higher states of consciousness, like different breathing exercises and meditations that allowed me to heal on another level, emotionally and physically.

I became more in touch with my stronger extrasensory perceptions and strange and fascinating sensations from hearing a high pitch in my left ear and now in both ears, a static feeling around the crown of my head and pins and needles in the middle of my brow line to heat coming up my legs and and electric sensations up and down my spine.

Once attuned to Holy Fire® Reiki and learning how to Byosen Scan, I started to feel new sensations while current sensations became more apparent. The most noticeable has been the sensations in my hands and the incredible feedback I receive through them.

For instance, I am able to do distant Reiki, where I can scan and administer Reiki remote from my client. One of my first distant Reiki clients has a son that I scanned and gave a full session to. I felt heat around his chin and had sent healing to it, particularly on the left side. I had only told his mother of my findings, but had not talked to him.

In the upcoming days he advised his mom that he had been feeling pain in his mouth, mostly on his left side for the last couple of weeks. In response, she took him to the dentist. Come to find out, around his age it is common for teeth to move around to make room for adult molars.

Reiki melts energetic blocks (pain, suffering) within our bodies to allow energy to flow more freely. This means that emotional and/or physical pain can come up to the surface to be released, but then subsides.

My first session brought me to an emotional never ending faucet to the proceeding weeks of clarity and insightful conclusions. So, if pain or emotions seem to be overwhelming after a session, know that it is part of the process of releasing and usually more noticeable feelings of peace and well-being will follow.

Reiki Infused Soaps and Body Products

 Reiki infused soaps promote stress relief and well-being.

I am a soaper and body product maker as well as a light worker. It makes sense to fuse the two together! Reiki often costs $50-$75 for an hour session. Infusing Reiki into my products means I can bring healing Reiki energy in a more economic way to your home as well as to multiple people.

Over the last couple of years, random people at markets would ask if I work with energy, as they could feel it radiating off me and my products. I do work with it, and yes, it is work. It is work that I love to do and I love to pass on to people. I am even more grateful that I can pass this energy on with more intention and seal it with Holy Fire® Reiki.

A full Reiki session is undeniably more powerful and apparent. We do offer short and regular distant Reiki Sessions. Click Here to add a Reiki service to your order today.

Comment if you've tried one of our Reiki Infused products or have experienced a Reiki Session. How did it feel and what benefits did you feel?





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