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Why Bubbling Buddha?

Our family started moving toward more natural products after suffering from sensitive skin for years. An article found by husband suggested using bar soap over liquid soap. The change made a difference, but handmade soaps primarily made of natural ingredients made a bigger impact.

Thus, the spark to make my family our own soap. I had already made bath products and balms for the last couple of years for family and friends, why not soaps.

I immediately received wonderful reviews. Knowing what oils work best and hours of soaping research helped make my first, second and succeeding attempts successful.

With the help of my husband, we created Bubbling Buddha to share our natural homemade products and help others feel the benefits of starting your skin routine with a more natural approach. One with less chemicals, and with more fatty acids that are commonly known, like avocado oil, Shea butter, and coconut oil.

Choose from our sweet, warm, earthy or floral scents. They add luxury to our homemade skin loving bars and products, or go Naked with our unscented line. Bubbling Buddha is here to make your homemade skin care fun, luxurious and beautiful!


Look! Every once in a while a manly man is allowed to stop and gape over a lovely scented product. This one just happens to have the ability that make this guy ogle more than usual. I'm crazy over a certain type of soap from Bubbling Buddha! I dig the smell and I don't mind walking around telling people about it. Definitely a return customer!

G Marshall Brown

I have ridiculously sensitive skin & I love these soaps & lotions, no residue left behind & no itching 4 hours later. The scents are amazing & the products are luxurious. You’re getting a very good deal with these prices too!

Staci Ross

We don't usually use bar soap in our house, but after trying these we are hooked!!!! Not only do they leave you smelling amazing, but they leave none of that weird film on your skin that other soaps leave. I actually use these soaps for face wash/make up removal too! They leave my face squeaky clean and soft, with no harsh chemicals that can dry skin out.
We are customers for life!!!!

Kellie Smith

Wising It was Summer smells so good. I look forward to my shower because I get to lather up in this delightful scent. I love the citrus champagne scent, it really gets me going in the morning. The soap is very conditioning, no dryness or tight feeling like you get with some bar soaps. Excellent product!

Andrea on Nov 25, 2017

I believe in Alien Abduction!! It is the perfect balance and the first high-end soap both my husband and I really like. Not overly musky and not floral - just refreshing, unique and clean. Plus there is a little something in there that gives some exfoliation! Can't wait for them to come back in stock. Thanks Bubbling Buddha.

Elisa Pratt on Dec 06, 2017

I'm not usually picky about soap, but ever since trying Bubbling Buddha, I don't think I'll be able to go back to "normal" ones! I've tried several scents and have given others as gifts, all of which have been VERY well received! Every single bar I've tried is silky smooth and has a rich, deep fragrance that just oozes luxury. One of the many things that I love about Bubbling Buddha soap is that I don't have to wear perfume if I've used it! Thank you for the love and care that you put into your shows!

Lindsay Nelson Facebook 12/18/2017

Great scents great service.

Paul Elder 12/18/2017

Bubbling Buddha Is A Member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild

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