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About Us

Why Homemade Soaps

No matter how much lotion I used to use, my hands would succumb to chapping, cuts, and a lovely angry shade of red every winter.

It wasn't until my young daughter also started showing the signs of hypersensitive skin that my husband and I started looking for a solution.

To our surprise, most recommendations pointed to changing from liquid hand soap to bar soap. Really? That's it?

We immediately tore open the stash of bar soap we had in the back of our linen closet. The bars we set aside in case of a zombie apocalypse, because we never use bar soap.

After a day of only using bar soap, my kiddo's hands slowly started losing their hue of Angry Bird red, and the stinging sensation she could no longer tolerate started to fade. It was a relief to us, as no one likes seeing their kid miserable.

Start Of A Soaping Journey

My husband's numerous suggestions to make soap over the last 2 decades, my daughter's (as well as my own) need for bar soap, my knowledge of making bath products in the past, and my love of color sparked the Bubbling Buddha journey. 

Before taking the first step of making soap, I immersed myself in numerous videos and read many books on cold process soap making. It is a fascinating process and I found new information on oils that I never considered when making other products, like my beloved lotion bars.

After making a couple of loaves, I put them to the test. The feedback was awesome! I could make soap! Not only that, but it smelled great, looked awesome (for my first tries at least), and it did what I wanted it to do. Clean without making you feel dry.

Bubbling Buddha

There are so many homemade soaps out there. However, we stand out as being the soap you want to give as a gift. A gift to yourself, or that unique gift that will make a lasting impression.

My knowledge of oils, scents and colors is a perfect combination to manifest a unique soap to tickle your senses and soul. They feel silky, lather nicely, look pretty and smell great!

Bubbling Buddha is also a member of the Handcrafted Soap Cosmetic Guild (HSCG). This is important because it allows us to continue learning about the process of making soap, while giving us access to resources, products and communities surrounded by soaping and cosmetic crafting.

The dedication Bubbling Buddha has to providing a great soap does not stop at making them, but continues on with education and a passion to give you a "steak" for a soap, instead of a "hotdog."