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It's time for some new products! We are working on a couple of new products to add for this summer! Be sure to sign up for updates!


So far, we've rolled out our new Shower Steamer Sachets. Sachet your worries away! What is unique about our sachets?

The best feeling and effective body butter you'll ever use. Made with mango butter, Shea butter, hemp seed oil and other skin loving botanicals.

Bubbling Buddha Beard Balm is full of hair loving oils and butters. Not to mention our Blind Swordsman smells AMAZING!

Try our unique scents from Pistachio Magnolia, Once Bitten Twice Shea, and Cherry Almond Oatmeal. We love to make alluring, fun and  inviting scents in our soaps and body products.

Why Do Our Customer's Keep Coming Back for More?

Our unique scents will allure you and the feel of our products will keep you coming back for more.


Our Soaps have abundant and efficient clean lather, but won't leave you feeling dry or tight.


Check out or Site and over 75 Product reviews to get an insight on our products!

Bubbling Buddha Butter Bars

Does your skin suffer from harsh weather, multiple handwashings, gardening, swimming, or even just day to day tasks?


After several years of formulating butter bars, this body butter bar exceeds my expectations for my goals. Click below to learn more.


I am currently a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild (HSCG), which provides a huge assortment of resources as well as education on soap and cosmetic making.

Continuous Improvement


There is always something to learn, which means our products continue to get better and better.


Why are there so many people making soap and body products? Most soaps and body products are not regulated by the FDA. Which means there are a lot of products out there with ingredients thrown together that may not make a lot of sense.


I research ingredients as well as processes to bring you safe, functional, efficient, and feel good products.

We are always transparent with listing our ingredients on our website and always happy to answer any questions.

Customer Service


With a extensive history as an escalation specialist as well as a studied Reiki Specialist, the energy and customer service we provide is extremely important to us! Whether it's finding the right scent, the right product, or even the right gift for someone, we are happy to help!


If you come see us at our table, we provide an approachable environment so you're always welcome to ask questions, share your stories, or even give us feedback.


We absolutely love our customers!


Find me at the Monument Hills Farmers Market and the Colorado Farm and Art Markets during the summer as well as at the Crafted Colorado store in Downtown Colorado Springs and Saffrons in Old Colorado City! I not only love to help my customers, but the relationships I have with other vendors and the stores that carry our products are also important to me and the Bubbling Buddha name.


Appreciation and gratitude is a way of living. Beauty is not just what we see, but how we feel. Love beyond what is expected and life will be beyond your expectations.


Peace, Love & Bubbles,


Kimi Ingham

Bubbling Buddha Soaps Owner


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