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Reiki Infusion/Reiki Service

Reiki Infusion/Reiki Service

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Working with energy is not new to me. In fact, we all use energy in different ways. Consciously working with it can yield huge benefits when understanding the concept of frequency and emotions. You do not need to be a Reiki practitioner to start utilizing the energy within and around you. It just takes a clear intention,  conscious effort and focus.

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I am a soaper and body product maker as well as a light worker. It makes sense to fuse the two together! Reiki often costs $50-$75 for an hour session. Infusing Reiki into my products means I can bring healing Reiki energy in a more economic way to your home as well as to multiple people.

Over the last couple of years, random people at markets ask if I work with energy as they can feel it off of me and my products. I do work with it, and yes, it is work. It is work that I love to do and I love to pass on to people. I am even more grateful that I can pass this energy on with more intention and seal it Holy Fire® Reiki.

A full Reiki session is undeniably more powerful and apparent. We do offer short and regular distant Reiki Sessions.

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