Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar with Convenient Twist Up Applicator Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar with Convenient Twist Up Applicator
Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar Twist
Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar Twist
Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar Twist
Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar Twist
Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar Twist
Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar Twist

Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bar Twist

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Do You have harsh weathered skin, gardener's hands, or you're a compulsive hand washer, but hate the feeling of most intense moisturizers? Bubbling Buddha Hand & Body Butter may be your solution.

Bubbling Buddha Body Butter Bars 

Living in the desert of New Mexico was harsh on a compulsive hand washer's hands. I thought it couldn't get worse, until I moved to the beautiful state of Colorado, where the sun shines over 300 days a year, the mountain peaks glistening snow caps in view, the abundance of nature and open space, and the rough cracked painful skin of a compulsive hand washer.

Not only were my hands suffering, but I wasn't able to stand the feel of most lotions on my skin.

Thus, the two year challenge of finding the right recipe for these butter bars. I started out simple, with just a few ingredients, but I found other ingredients that provided a better feel and longer lasting nourishment for my aging weathered skin.

First, I decided a body butter was going to be more effective in penetrating Colorado skin, rather than a lotion. Body butters contain all oils and wax and no water. Lotions usually contain at least 60-80% water or liquid, which requires some sort of preservative to keep nasty bacteria out.

Pants Test

I needed a concentrated concoction to soften up my elephant skin.

Not only that, but any type of product that I put on my skin needs to pass the pants test. Meaning, when I put my pants on I don't want them to stick to me, or feel tacky underneath. I didn't want greasy, or waxy. I needed silky and soft feeling. And, I wanted it to be easy for me as well as my kids to glide on.

We do use beeswax in our bars and have found the lasting effects of beeswax formulated with just the right amount of oils has people sneaking a quick pet (and whiff) of their skin.

Finally, this glorious bar...or rather bars, sit on my counter awaiting my consistent use. They aren't greasy or waxy. They pass the pants test and feel silky at the same time!

Twist Up Applicator Benefits

  1. Twist off cap to keep your bar clean and easy to travel with.
  2. Twist up applicator helps so you don't have to put any on the palms of your hands and can be applied to specific areas.
  3. The bar last just a little longer because you only using what you need and not more.

Feel The Difference

If your picky about how a product feels on your skin, Bubbling Buddha Butter Bars are a must in your skin care arsenal. Rich high oleic fatty acids, like mango seed butter and avocado oil boost your softening experience.

If you are a Colorado local, check out our schedule and try some Bubbling Buddha Butter Bars for yourself. I always have samples at my table so you can do a sniff and feel. In fact, not only has making and using this butter bar been an fantastic experience, hearing customer's say how great they smell and how wonderful they feel has been more rewarding.

Grab one today. Grab a couple! Keep one in your purse and another where you wash your hands the most. These are great for traveling, especially on airplanes!


Lavender Clouds - Relaxing and soothing. Made with a lavender essential oil and a blend of camphor, bergamot, Cassia root, heliotrope, amber, oak, sandalwood, and vanilla giving this lavender scent a woodsy note. Both gals and guys love this one. 

Naked  - If you are sensitive to scents or love wearing perfume and don't want another scent to interfere, this Naked bar is the way to go. You'll find natural scents like honey from the beeswax and a slight herbaceous scent from the unrefined hemp seed oil coming through, but nothing overpowering or overwhelming.

Pleiadian Pomegranate  - Pomegranate , with a twist of cinnamon, orange and vanilla. Sweet, and sultry. 

Patchouli  Just Patchouli

Jasmine Rose  Rose and Jasmine blend together for a relaxing floral experience in this essential and fragrance oil blend.

 Just Lavender  For Lavender Lovers. Nothing but Lavender. Soothing, relaxing and lovely. Every once in a while we bring this out, but once it's gone who knows when it will be back!

Amber Bergamot  Rich golden amber mingles with soft bergamot, woodsy sandalwood, and hints of whipped sugar and peach nectar.

Cloud Nine  Hints of juicy berries, soft vanilla bean, blonde woods and a touch of soft petals. 

Lips Like Sugar  A fun and alluring blend of candy apple, raspberry, red currant, rose, cashmere musk, vanilla, and amber. 

Peach Grapefruit & Thyme  If you like fruity, but not too sweet, our Thyme fragrances hit the spot. PG&T is heavier on the grapefruit, with hints of peach and thyme.  Refreshing!

Blueberries In Thyme Another fruity, but refreshing blend of blueberries and thyme. This is a customer favorite and can be found in the fall and winter. Once it goes on sale, you know it's the last of our seasonal stock. 

Net Wt: 2 oz.

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado Or Almond Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Beeswax, Essential and/or Fragrance oils

May contain Polyglycerol-3 Beeswax, a beeswax derivative that prevents grainy texture and can give a smoother feel to the bar. 

What Are the Twist Up Containers Made of and are they Recyclable?

These containers are made of Recyclable Polypropylene #5 (to recycle the PP container, the HDPE platform needs removed. These are considered "limited recycle" and the recycle logo is not on the container for this reason).

The twist up containers are BPA Free (Product is not manufactured with BPA, BPS, DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP, PFOA, PFOS, PVC, HIPS Mercury or Lead)

Allergies & Sensitivities:

If you have any allergies, please carefully read the product ingredients prior to use. If you are pregnant or have any health issues, please consult your physician before using any product with essential oils, herbs and extracts.

If you are uncertain about a sensitivity, we recommend doing a patch test first to ensure that there is no reaction. If irritation occurs, please discontinue using the product.

We use oils, butters and additives for a well-rounded product, however these claims are not FDA approved. Our products do not claim to cure or prevent disease or medical symptoms and are not intended to substitute for medical advice. Please consult your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding a health condition.