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Emotional Intelligence and Healing Yourself with Energy

Emotions Are What Tune Your Energy

Working with energy is not new to me. In fact, we all use energy in different ways. Consciously working with it can yield huge benefits when understanding the concept of frequency and emotions. It just takes a clear intention, conscious effort and focus.

I do believe in a balance of physical, mental and emotional health. All these play a part in living on this planet. However, just like what percent of food groups you should eat, this balance looks like a pyramid to me, with emotional health being the foundation and bottom of the pyramid.

You can eat and exercise for physical health. You can learn and do puzzles for mental health. What are people doing to ensure their emotional health?

Emotional health plays a huge part in who we are and how we interact with others. When emotional intelligence is obtained, physical and mental health start to fall into place and we become more of who we are and not what others want us to be.

Not to mention, when we obtain higher states of emotion, we tune into higher frequencies of consciousness. Clarity becomes more attainable and we start to release chemicals that start to heal us instead of chemicals meant to cope with stress and in turn break down healthy cells that support us.

How can we start exercising our emotions to be the better versions of ourselves?

Meditation, self talk (appreciation), responsibility for your emotions, hobbies, journaling, and even outside resources such as Reiki are all modalities to increase emotional health.


On my continuous journey of higher awareness, I had the opportunity to have two different types of energy healings done. Bio-field tuning (done with tuning forks) and a Reiki session. Even though I was already practicing raising my vibration and reading as much as I could about energy work, my sessions were profound and highly beneficial.

The experiences led me to obtaining my certification and receiving attunements to become a Holy Fire® Reiki III Practitioner.

By providing the option to infuse your Bubbling Buddha products with Reiki, I am able to pass on some of this energy without, well having the emotions for you. However, if you are even considering a Reiki Infused product, you are already consciously creating your own healing energy and are using my products for an additive boost.

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