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Thanksgiving - When You're Cooking, Being Grateful, And Your Kids Bring You To Tears

I love Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays. Which may be why today had so many ups and downs.

When you cook all day because you are determined to have a Thanksgiving dinner regardless of who or how many you're cooking for.

Then you sit down at the table and the kid starts bawling  because she wants absolutely nothing to do with any of the 5 items that I poured my heart into for hours. Actually, it wasn't too bad. They are dishes I've made numerous times, and I did do much smaller portions, which was less time consuming. I've never made a turkey less than 15 lbs and today's bird was a mere 13.

However, it was just 2 kids and my husband, which I knew my picky one would not be satisfied, but I had my hopes. Hopes that came crashing down as I gave her a plate and she looked at me with fleeting disappointment. Except, it wasn't fleeting. She was hungry and I was handing her a plate of everything she didn't want. Tears swelled, pouting commenced, and Thanksgiving dinner became a dinner that we would remember tasting salty tears instead of delicious turkey.

After the drama and lessens learned, we moved on and talked about what we are thankful for. All of us, except the small one, said "family."

Which brings me to why I started Bubbling Buddha with my husband. I wanted to be there more for my family that I wasn't able to before. However, these days are busy and there are more hours that are put into a work day than the normal corporate world. However, they are fun hours! Hours that I mostly enjoy (the admin work sucks).

After talking to my adorable parents, and getting some great insight on business from my dad and loving entertainment from my mom, it gave me an energy that they have provided for many years, but I never fully appreciated. So thanks Mom & Dad! I am very thankful for that.

I realize every day that I do this for my family, and I hope I will be able to provide an energy to keep my kids going when they are adults the way that my parents do for me.

After getting off the phone with the folks, I sat down in my soaping studio and the Zen girl comes up and says, "I love your soaps. They smell like food." She may not like my turkey, but she loves my soaps. The love I get from the kiddos and my husband is something I will always treasure, regardless if they like my turkey or my soaps.

Today, I am grateful for family.

Do you have a Thanksgiving Family story that brought you to tears? Were you grateful, even though it wasn't what you expected? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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