Shower Steamer Ingredients and Simple DIY Shower Steamer Recipe Shower Steamer Ingredients and Simple DIY Shower Steamer Recipe – Bubbling Buddha

Shower Steamer Ingredients and Simple DIY Shower Steamer Recipe

Shower Steamer Ingredients and simple DIY Recipe

Shower Steamers are very different from bath bombs, although I do call them the bath bombs of the shower world. Both serve a purpose of providing a relaxing and pampering experience for the user. However, bath bombs touch your skin and can provided added benefits of nourishing oils to accompany the fizz and aroma a bath bomb provides.

The main purpose of a shower steamer is to give a spa like aromatherapy experience in your shower. Also, because shower steamers are not meant to touch your skin for long periods of time, ingredients that you wouldn't normally find in a bath bomb can be added, like menthol crystals.

Although, I use this ingredient in small amounts in shower steamers, I would not choose to use menthol crystals in bath bombs as sensitive parts can feel the sting of the menthol in the most uncomfortable way. Not to mention the mint type of essential oils added for a more fresh and soothing aroma would add to that sting.

Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda, is the main ingredient for shower steamers. It acts as the main binder and holds together well with water or alcohol.

Citric Acid is also used in my steamers. This is gives Bubbling Buddha's steamers an effervescent fizz to add to your experience.

Corn Starch and coconut oil are both added to keep Bubbling Buddha steamers held together better for travel as well as longer lasting in your shower. My first steamers did not have either of these ingredients. Because I sell steamers to consumers, I want them to have the long lasting fragrant experience of a spa, rather than a short lived fizz of aroma.

I do also use essential oils in all my steamers to provide a more natural experience. I have used essential oils for numerous years and my family and I have found many benefits in regards to both aromatherapy and subsiding other ailments.

There may be times when synthetic fragrances are used, and ingredients will clearly be labeled as fragrance oils rather than essential oils. I have already had requests for certain scents that I will only be able to find as fragrance oils, but the majority of my options will be made with essential oils.

My goal is to provide my customer's with the highest level of experience with Bubbling Buddha products as well as service and information. Shower steamers can really be made with just baking soda, water and a fragrance. However, the ingredients in our shower steamer are meant to exceed our customer's expectations.

If you're ready to make your own steamers, you can go as simple as baking soda, water and fragrance or as complex as adding oils and citric acid. A simple home recipe is as follows:

  • 20 oz Baking Soda
  • 5 oz Citric Acid for Fizz (Optional)
  • 1-3 oz water or alcohol. I find that alcohol holds better than water.
  • 0.5-1 oz essential or fragrance oil, based on how strong you want your steamer.
  • 0.5 to 2 oz Bath Bomb Mold. A silicone cupcake mold works great.

Sift and measure out baking soda and citric acid. Add in fragrance oil while mixing with hand or electric mixer. If you have citric acid in your recipe, be sure to not add all your oils and water at once as your citric acid will fizz away.

Spritz 1-3 oz of alcohol (or water) while continuously mixing with your hand or mixture. After every half oz, scoop up a handful and squeeze. If it holds together without falling apart then you're ready to mold your steamers.

Before molding, whisk your mixture to make it fluffy. Fill your mold so it overflows and use your palm or a fingers to press down the fluffy mixture. Then use your finger tips to press down the mixture firmly on the whole top including the edges so your fluffy mixture is hard and solid. If your mixture is solid, you should be able to pop it out by turning the mold upside down and lay it down on a flat surface to dry.

I let my dry for at least 24 hours. You may need more time depending on the humidity level. I live in Colorado Springs where we have very little humidity, so it takes very little time to dry my steamers. In more humid climates, a longer dry time should be considered.



***Because of the coconut and essential oils, I caution that these tablets of soothing goodness may become slick on your shower floor. Use your foot to rub the slick out. Also, keep out of reach of young children as these do look yummy to eat, but are not edible.

The recipe I use, like all my recipes, is my own formulation. However, it is based on numerous other recipes, humidity level, and personal experience.

Our products do not claim to cure or prevent disease or medical symptoms and are not intended to substitute for medical advice. Please consult your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding a health condition.

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