Buddha Beeswax Buddy
Buddha Beeswax Buddy
Buddha Beeswax Buddy

Buddha Beeswax Buddy

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These large lotion bars are great for gliding on after a shower. Beeswax gives extra protection from the elements while shea butter and rice bran oil provide conditioning through the day. These medium bars fit great in our 4 oz Rectangle Hinged Tin.


Cracked Honey - The sweetness of honey is combined with a subtle earthy note and a touch of sweet caramel. 

Cranberry Fig Libations - It's time to celebrate with snappy cranberry, sultry fig, and bubbly champagne! 

Grapefruit Mimosa - Fresh and zesty grapefruit is accompanied by bubbly champagne and a touch of Neroli for this invigorating soap experience.

Lavender Porridge (FKA Oatmeal Lavender) - Our top selling lotion bar! Lavender with an whiff of honey oatmeal create a fragrant escape from the hum drum daily routine.

Naked - Unscented. Pure and natural, this buddy is unscented and NAKED. There is a slight aroma of honey from the beeswax, which gives this naked bar a sweet touch. 

Once Bitten Twice Shea - A mix of bay leaf, fir needle, cedarwood, bergamot, blackberry and sage give this bar a unique and enchanting aroma that continues to be a favorite.

Buddies run from 2.5-3 oz. 

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Refined Beeswax, Fragrance